1-3 John Commentary (Hardcover)  $19.00

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The apostle John is clearly a man for our times. He’s the disciple whom Jesus loved, and yet he’s authoritative and uncompromising. He writes in a bold, direct, even dogmatic style—tones of black and white with very little gray. Many today find those traits distasteful, but John is the author who brings light to a postmodern world shrouded in darkness.

The 1, 2, and 3 John commentary considers the clear, simple, and unambiguous words of the beloved apostle’s three brief letters. First John stresses doctrinal certainty, moral clarity, and the preeminence of biblical love; 2 John emphasizes the crucial matter of living the truth; and 3 John focuses on discernment, discriminating between friend and foe in the local church. This single volume is packed with essential truth for ministry in today’s culture of ambiguity.